No. 130/OPR/V/2013

Dear Lecturers and Students,

In our effort to continuously improve our system and tools to support the academic activities we would like to inform you of the following:
1.   We have developed a new accessbi with improved functionality and look for both students and lecturers. The url is:

2.   Despite our effort to design the system to accommodate many requirements as much as possible and as correct as possible we realize that the result could need further improvement based on your feedback. Therefore we will release the beta version first till the following date: June 20th, 2013.
3.   During this beta version operation we kindly ask your cooperation to share with us any issue you encounter, suggestion or comment to optimize the design. Please send your feedback to:
4.   For any of you who prefer to still use the classic accessBI version till we fully migrate to the new one we provide you with this option. Just click on the version button you prefer to use. Due to technical restrictions we need to disable several functions in the classic version:
No. Function Sub Function Status
1 Change Password Disabled
2 MyClass Additional Material Disabled
3 MyClass Discussion Forum (File + Posting) Disabled
4 Announcement Disabled
5 Question Student service Disabled
6 Download Disabled

We hope that this new system will indeed improve your learning and/or teaching experience in our campus. Please make use of this new system as much as possible and we are looking forward to your feedback. Thank you for your cooperation.
If you have any question or inquiry about this new system you can contact us at:

Kind regards,
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